Emma Lea Hasselbach (she/they) is a theatre artist who has worked as a director, designer, and educator. Emma makes work that seeks to expand empathy, root out complacency, challenge audiences beyond spectatorship, and explore philosophy through storytelling. She has collaborated at the Brick, Everyday Inferno, Rebel Playhouse, Built for Collapse, the Tank, Fordham University, NYU Grad School of Acting, the Public Theater, Seattle Rep, Seattle Children’s Theatre and more. She is an Iris Marion Young Scholar and studies and writes in philosophy in addition to her work in the theatre. She graduated with honors from Fordham College at Lincoln Center where she studied theatre directing, film, and philosophy. 

Upcoming: No Place (Singapore Fringe Festival), The Willmar Project (The Neighborhood Theatre Project), As You Like It (NYU Grad School of Acting). 

To keep up to date on Emma's work and life they can be found at @theemlea in all internet spaces. 

Emma's music can be found HERE.

Emma's resume can be found HERE.

Emma's email is hasselbach.em@gmail.com.